My Legacy Challenge is going to be about the founder who has a very bad childhood. The founder’s name is Amonia Plumengine. When Amonia’s mother was pregnant with her, the father wants his daughter to inherit her mother’s looks. She unfortunately inherited her father’s looks. He was very furious to have a daughter who doesn’t have her mother’s looks. Amonia’s mother is a very beautiful woman but, Amonia’s father is a very ugly man. In her childhood, she was abused and neglected by her father. When the abuse became so prevalent, Amonia became very weak and ill. She was so ill that she kept passing out and she also kept getting really painful migraines that she was send to the hospital. When Amonia was just becoming a teenager, she was getting really depressed that she was starting to have suicidal thoughts. She also tried to suicide attempt many times but, she refused to kill herself because she knows better. She’s a very strong young woman. Amonia always dreamed about running away from home. She wants to escape from her past memories. She wanted to live somewhere faraway from her father. Like, somewhere quiet and secluded.


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